• Design and production of non-standard equipment.
  • Modernization of the existing production lines.
  • Production of spare parts and assemblies for original equipment.
  • Routine maintenance of Customer Equipment.
  • Implementation of emergency works on production and replacement.
  • The issue of individual and small-scale production.
  • turning works;
  • milling;
  • welding;
  • boring;
  • coordinate boring;
  • bending, cutting of metal.
  • design;
  • Installation cabinets (remote) control;
  • commissioning works.

Fibers in automotive

High modulus fibers - primarily carbon and glass - already widely used in the automotive industry. Classic examples of their use are the bumpers or body parts made from such fibers reinforced polymer composites.

Composite materials and products on the basis of continuous reinforcing fibers and fabrics are widely used for the production of external vehicle parts. The most common of them are doing:

  • Power construction - power structures of doors and seats, underbody protection elements.
  • Fasteners bumpers and radiator.
  • Decorative items - decorative interior panels, exterior decorative panels.




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