"Research Institute Glassplastics and fiber" is a leading science and production enterprise, which specializes in developing and utilization of technologies and process plants for diverse glass fibers (basalt, silica, quartz) and also materials and products on the base of fibers mentioned above (pressboard, mates, textile, plates, shells, various insulation reinforcing materials etc) production.

Our enterprise was created as scientific organization for developing and utilization at the USSR branch plants technological processes for manufacturing almost all types of glass fibers, including silica and quartz. Therefore, post- Soviet Union plants, that maintained glass fibers manufacture base on technological principles, developed by All-Union Research Institute "Glassplastics and fiber" (AURI GF).

Industrial manufacture of silica materials, based on AURI GF elaborations is defended at the following plants:

- Industrial manufacture in Moscow;

- Industrial manufacture in Valmiera (Latvia);

- Industrial manufacture in Polotsk (Byelorussia).

The exceptional feature of the "Research Institute "Glassplastics and fiber" is that in spite of hard political end economical conditions, Institute retained its science and technical potential mostly owing to permanent cooperation with former USSR's leading science and production enterprises.

The Institute includes scientific and technological laboratories, designers' office, shops on production of non-standard equipment and shops on production of materials and products on the base of different fibers' types as well. For the first time the technology and equipment for staple, super ultra fine, fine and continuous basalt fibers production was developed in our Institute.

Our enterprise is in a position to develop and organize the production of new materials and products beginning from making scientific, technological and designing elaborations to creating experimental and commercial manufacture, organizing commercial production.

Long practical experience of Institute's service corroborates all mentioned above. We work successfully at creating materials and production technologies of the XXI century - new fibrous heat-insulating, refractory materials, continuous and staple fibers made of basalt breed, reinforcing materials, glass and basalt plastics etc.

We'll be glad if our experience, knowledge, our products are useful for you and can help you to achieve your goals, solve your problems, economize your money and expand production.