Laboratory of high-temperature insulation

OJSC Research Institute "Glassplastics and fiber" developed and mastered new generation production of fibrous fire-resistant and heat-insulation materials on inorganic high-temperature binders. Articles of fire-resistant fibers unite in themselves properties of refractory and insulation materials and have low density. They are easy to install and lend themselves to machining favorably, are of wide range.

Articles from fibrous materials make it possible to create new lining constructions, provide 30% reducing flow rate of power consumption per one article, 6 times reducing of mass, thermal heat capacity of lining and furnaces' response time (running up time). These materials are not critical towards heating/cooling cycle.


Laboratory of compositional materials

Composition materials play important role in diverse areas of modern engineering.

Glass, basalt plastics are composition and construction materials, which combine high cohesion with comparatively low density.

Principal components of glass and basalt plastics are glass fibrous, basalt reinforcing materials and synthetic binders. Fine high-strong glass and basalt fibers secure stiffness and strength of products. Binder gives material monolithic character, promote effective use of fibers' mechanic properties and even distribution of efforts between them, prevent fibers from chemical, atmospheric and other outer impacts, and also perceives itself part of efforts, that rise within the material when loaded. But this, binder makes material able to be formed into products of various configuration and size.


Laboratory of textile reinforcing and insulating materials

PJSC "Scientific-Research Institute of fiberglass and fiber" is a leading research institute which is engaged in the creation of complex technical knitted fabrics made of fiberglass and mixed fiber types.

This group of materials of specific properties that are used as a reinforcing component in fiberglass constructions where not advisable to use woven fabrics.

Laboratory knitted and non-woven fabrics of PJSC "CB Research Institute" is engaged in development and manufacture of new structures and insulating reinforcement materials technologies. Modern equipment and high scientific and industrial experience allows laboratory staff to quickly establish commercial production of a wide range of products - from thin cords and hoses to the thickened webs and geotextile nets.


Production of nonstandart equipment

OJSC Research Institute "Glassplastics and fiber" has long experience (more than 40 years) in designing and developing of equipment for producing various fibers from rocks including basalt.

For the first in the USSR it was our Institute, which designed and developed equipment for producing:

Staple super ultra fine and continuous basalt fibers;
Heat-resistant articles from silica fibers on inorganic binder, which are used in latest cosmic technologies (specifically "Buran" spaceship was equipped with articles, manufactured according to technology and on the equipment of Institute);
Glass plastic serving stripe for needs of electrical engineering, where use of this stripe reasonably reduces non-ferrous metals consumption and expenditure of labour for making equipment;


Equipment and technologies for production of basalt fiber

PJSC "Scientific-Research Institute of fiberglass and fiber" has developed and mastered the production of a new generation of fibrous refractory and thermal insulation materials on the high-temperature inorganic binders.

Products made of refractory fibers combine refractory and insulating properties, have the properties of low density, ease of assembly and processing, have a substantial range.

Products made of fibrous materials allow you to create a new lining design, providing a reduction of energy consumption per unit of output to 30%, 6 times lower mass, heat capacity and inertia lining furnaces (heating time). These materials are not critical to the cooling heat cycles.