OJSC Research Institute "Glassplastics and fiber" developed and mastered new generation production of fibrous fire-resistant and heat-insulation materials on inorganic high-temperature binders. Articles of fire-resistant fibers unite in themselves properties of refractory and insulation materials and have low density. They are easy to install and lend themselves to machining favorably, are of wide range.

Articles from fibrous materials make it possible to create new lining constructions, provide 30% reducing flow rate of power consumption per one article, 6 times reducing of mass, thermal heat capacity of lining and furnaces' response time (running up time). These materials are not critical towards heating/cooling cycle.

Fibrous materials make it possible to create fundamentally new light-weight constructions of arches and floors of flat, suspended and arched furnaces. In addition, the arch is insulating floor and heat-reflection screen simultaneously. Fibrous materials have black body coefficient 0.95 - 0.96.

Especially effective utilization of fibrous materials in thermal batch furnaces, so long as they are practically non sluggish and provide operation condition with low power consumption during 0.5 - 1 hour.

Application of new generation fibrous materials with inorganic binder provides essential gain of thermal equipment and furnace's operating resource, considerable decrease of lining labour-consuming, makes lining's maintainable when damaged.