OJSC Research Institute "Glassplastics and fiber" has long experience (more than 40 years) in designing and developing of equipment for producing various fibers from rocks including basalt.

For the first in the USSR it was our Institute, which designed and developed equipment for producing:

  • Staple super ultra fine and continuous basalt fibers;
  • Heat-resistant articles from silica fibers on inorganic binder, which are used in latest cosmic technologies (specifically "Buran" spaceship was equipped with articles, manufactured according to technology and on the equipment of Institute);
  • Glass plastic serving stripe for needs of electrical engineering, where use of this stripe reasonably reduces non-ferrous metals consumption and expenditure of labour for making equipment;
  • Weft knitted with additional filling and knitted materials in the form of sleeve from glass and basalt fibers, that are used in aircraft construction, ship building and other branches of engineering;
  • Warp knitted thickened and netted cloths from threads of any origin including carbon, metallurgical and Kevlar ones;
  • Silica cords, stripes, blanks, nets etc;
  • Geo textile materials from synthetic and basalt fibers;
  • Premixes, semi-finished items for pressing different articles, including bout's bodies, flanges, window frames, traffic signs, technical equipment's moulding etc;
  • Glass paper (it is used when producing glass plastics, gas and liquid filters, soft roofing materials etc);
  • Mates (cloths) from chopped glass threads.

Our organization has scientific and technical potential for designing technologies and equipment (for the whole process of manufacture) and working of basalt and glass fibers, glass plastics.

Institute's structure includes research laboratories, designers' office, pilot production of glass fibrous and heat-insulating materials and also mechanical shop for experimental and industrial machinery manufacture as well.